The European Islands Facility NESOI (New Energy Solutions Optimized for Islands) has announced its second open call for proposals, valid until next 21 January 2022, 17:00.00 Brussels time.

NESOI provides a twofold support for beneficiaries, both in form of direct funding and advisory services. In particular:

  • Financial Support | provided as direct funding to the beneficiary up to EUR 60,000 grant. These resources will serve the beneficiary to procure external advisors on site. External advisors will work in close cooperation and under the coordination of the advisors provided by the NESOI Consortium (Technical Support). External advisors must be selected to provide the beneficiary with technical assistance activities, such as: feasibility studies, support in tendering procedures, due diligence, financial modelling, etc.
  • Technical Support | provided by NESOI Consortium. NESOI members will provide the beneficiaries with on-going support, including: support to project management, assistance in the tendering process to procure local advisors, review of deliverable and quality assessment, selected Technical Assistance activities in close cooperation with locally-selected, support in impact analysis.

In addition, NESOI will supplement the initial technical assistance activities by longer-term coaching activities to ensure that project promoters have got increased capacity for developing investible energy transition projects.

It should be noted that actions with a duration longer than 10 months will be allowed access to a 50% of the lump sum (first interim payment) after assessment and approval of the interim monitoring report by NESOI evaluation team. The beneficiaries shall submit the interim monitoring report at month 6.

Furthermore, NESOI, to ensure that the objectives set in the applications are fulfilled, will collect information from the grantees based on a set of defined Key Performance Indicators and requirements that will be agreed during Grant Agreement preparation.

At the end of the action, beneficiaries will need to submit a final monitoring report to access to the final payment. After assessment and approval of the final report by NESOI evaluation team, beneficiaries will receive the payment of the balance. This is 50% of the lump sum in case the beneficiary has received the first interim payment or 100% in case the beneficiaries have not received the first interim payment.

For each level of project maturity NESOI will provide the applicants with a portfolio of predetermined Technical Assistance Menus to choose from.

NESOI, open to a community of 2400 inhabited EU islands, aims to fund 60 successful energy transition projects, mobilizing more than €100m of investment and reducing significantly CO2 and GHG emissions  by 2023.

Our team can help you participate in NESOI’s second call. For more information or specific advice, contact us by filling out the contact form below.