We will start by analysing your strengths and weaknesses of your business.


We will support you in obtaining an educational license for your project from maltese authorities.


Revolutionizing brands: innovative strategies, creative solutions, exceptional results in marketing.


Transforming technology: cutting-edge software, seamless integration, enhanced productivity for every user.

Malta Business - Our expertise is your gain

Experience the power of Malta Business’ expertise: Our deep knowledge elevates your success. Your potential will be unlocked, providing tailor-made solutions and guaranteeing incomparable quality. Your growth is our highest priority.

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We offer all the services you need to grow your business project and make your company more competitive.

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Business Consultancy

Experience the power of Malta Business’ expertise: Our deep knowledge elevates your success. Your potential will be unlocked, providing tailor-made solutions and guaranteeing incomparable quality. Your growth is our highest priority.

Activities & Licences

Malta Business Activities & Licenses: streamlining your journey. Expert assistance in licensing, compliance, and regulatory navigation. Simplifying procedures, maximizing opportunities, and ensuring smooth operations in Malta’s Business environment.

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Business Services

We are your dedicated partner in addressing your company’s needs comprehensively, ensuring that your online presence and communication meet the challenges of the modern business landscape. Here are some of the services we offer:

Financing consultancy

Malta Business funds’ consulting: navigate National and European funding. We guide you with our experts in securing funding, offering comprehensive support in the application process and strategic advice to maximise national and European funding opportunities.


Our mission is to assist customers in the creation, development and organization of their company thanks to the use of the potential of the MALTA BUSINESS accelerator as a gateway to the future.


Malta Business offers a range of business consultancy services, including the creation of start-ups, e-commerce platform implementation, business consultancy and training. In addition, Malta Business acts as an introducer for various services for which a licence is required, helping you choose the best service provider for your project.

The Malta Business network provides specialised assistance in accessing national and EU funding for various projects. Our services go beyond the mere acquisition of funding; we offer comprehensive support in project planning and management. This involves assisting clients in designing projects in line with the priorities and guidelines of calls for proposals, ensuring that projects meet the strict compliance standards set by national and EU regulations. Our experience in navigating the complex landscape of EU funding mechanisms and regulatory requirements makes us a valuable partner for companies and organisations wishing to leverage national and EU resources for their initiatives.

At Malta Business, although our consultancy services are generally offered on a fee basis, we provide a free initial consultation. This free session is available specifically for clients who have a well-defined business plan and a thorough knowledge of Maltese company formation and taxation legislation. This initial consultation is aimed at better understanding your business needs and exploring how our services can align with your business objectives.

Malta Business helps grow existing businesses by offering a comprehensive suite of services that are essential to scale and achieve long-term success. Their approach includes detailed strategic planning to align business objectives with actionable plans. Market analysis is another critical aspect, providing companies with insights into market trends, customer behaviour and competitive landscapes. This information is crucial for making informed decisions and identifying growth opportunities. In addition, Malta Business facilitates access to various international markets, helping companies to better position themselves in foreign markets to increase their revenues. These tailor-made services are designed to help companies overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities within Malta’s dynamic business environment.

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