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Malta Business’s Franchising Consultancy service is designed to assist entrepreneurs and companies to exploit the potential of franchising.

This service is ideal for those wishing to expand their business model into a franchising network or looking to establish a new franchise.

With a focus on the unique opportunities presented by the Maltese market and its tax benefits applied to royalty income, our team of experts guides clients through every step of the franchising process.

From initial concept development to market launch and beyond, we provide tailor-made solutions to ensure the success of your franchising initiative.

Malta Business – Expert guidance in developing successful franchising models and strategies tailored for the dynamic Maltese market.

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Contact us at the Malta Business  office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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Services & Assistance

These activities are designed to address the various critical aspects of setting up and running a successful franchise. From in-depth market analysis to the creation of effective business models and legal compliance, we cover all the bases to ensure that your franchising venture thrives:

  • Market Analysis: Detailed research to understand market trends and identify opportunities.
  • Business Model Development: Crafting a robust franchising model suitable for your business.
  • Legal Assistance: Navigating franchising laws and regulations.
  • Marketing Strategy: Developing effective strategies to promote the franchise.
  • Ongoing Support: Providing continuous guidance to ensure the success of the franchise network.
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Business Demography: 2022

Provisional figures for 2022 show that there were 58,386 active business units in Malta, an increase of 2.2 per cent, or 1,253 active business units, over 2021.

There were 58,386 active business units in Malta.
Active businesses in the Wholesale and retail trade; Professional, scientific and technical activities and Construction covered 41.0 per cent of total active business units. 69.1 per cent of active business units were sole proprietors and partnerships while 28.6 per cent were limited liability companies and plc.  Provisional figures indicate that there were 20,033 employers in Malta in 2022.

FAQ: Learn more about our service

Malta Business’ franchising consultancy service comprises several key elements. It starts with a detailed analysis of your business model to determine its suitability for franchising. Next, market research is conducted to understand potential demand and competition. Legal support ensures compliance with franchise laws and regulations. In addition, effective marketing strategies are developed to promote franchising. Finally, ongoing support and guidance is provided to ensure franchise success and growth.

Yes, Malta Business can assist in converting your existing business into a franchise. They offer comprehensive support in this transition, including assessing the franchise potential of the business, developing a franchise strategy, creating franchise models and guidance on legal and operational aspects. Their experience guarantees a smooth transformation of your business into a successful franchise model.

Yes, Malta Business offers extensive support for the commercial development of franchise projects. This includes market research to identify growth opportunities, strategic planning for market entry and expansion and marketing initiatives to strengthen brand presence. They ensure that your franchise is effectively positioned in the market, maximising its commercial potential.

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