Activities & Licensing

The Malta Activities and Licensing section is an essential resource for entrepreneurs and professionals trying to navigate the complexities of licensing in Malta.

Our services offer comprehensive assistance, from understanding specific licensing requirements to completing the application process. We specialise in guiding clients through the nuances of Maltese business regulations, ensuring a smooth and compliant path to obtaining the necessary licences for various business and professional activities.

This dedicated support streamlines the process, helping businesses and professionals to establish themselves and operate successfully in Malta’s dynamic business landscape.

Commercial & retail activities

Explore Malta’s vibrant retail landscape with Malta Business. Our comprehensive support services empower entrepreneurs to thrive in the local commercial ecosystem.

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Professional licences

Simplify your path to success with our expert guidance on obtaining professional licences. Simplify compliance and efficiently achieve your career or business goals.

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Financial & insurance licences

Explore the dynamic financial landscape of Malta through this insightful graph showcasing the number of financial institutions operating in the country

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Educational licences

Unlock educational opportunities in Malta with expert guidance. Our consultancy services streamline the process to obtain ‘Educational Licences’ for your institution.

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Restaurants & Bars licences

Start your restaurant and catering activities in Malta with expert guidance from Malta Business: comprehensive support for successful culinary ventures.

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Our services

We offer all the services you need to grow your business project and make your company more competitive.

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Business Consultancy

Malta Business Consulting: expertise, innovation and local vision. Tailor-made strategies for growth, navigating the complexities of the international marketplace and cultivating sustainable success in Malta’s dynamic business landscape.

Activities & Licences

Malta Business Activities & Licenses: streamlining your journey. Expert assistance in licensing, compliance, and regulatory navigation. Simplifying procedures, maximizing opportunities, ensuring smooth operations in Malta’s Business environment.

Business Service - Malta Business

Business Services

We are your dedicated partner in addressing your company’s needs comprehensively, ensuring that your online presence and communication meet the challenges of the modern business landscape. Here are some of the services we offer:

Financing consultancy

Malta Business fund consulting: navigate National and European funding. We guide you with our experts in securing funding, offering comprehensive support in the application process and strategic advice to maximise national and European funding opportunities.