About us

Malta Business is a registered trademark in the European Community owned by ARP Investment ltd and operated by ARP Group ltd based in Malta. It represents a consultancy network specialising in the provision of various business services in Malta.

Malta Business’ services focus on improving and streamlining business operations. They provide assistance in strategic planning, helping companies set clear and achievable goals and create roadmaps to success. Our experience in international markets enables companies to better understand the industry landscape, identify opportunities and make decisions. It also provides guidance in navigating Malta’s legal and regulatory frameworks, ensuring that companies comply with local laws and regulations.

This holistic approach is designed to support companies at every stage, from inception to growth and expansion.

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Why choose us

Business Services

Tailor-made strategies and innovative solutions for dynamic growth and greater operational efficiency in today’s competitive business environment.

Fund Services

Expert guidance for accessing and managing national and European funds, strategic support and maximisation of funding opportunities.


We offer expert assistance in acquiring and managing various licences, ensuring compliance and optimising business operations.


Specialised assistance for start-ups, from concept development to market entry, including strategic planning and customised growth strategies.

E-commerce & ICT

We offer comprehensive guidance for digital companies, covering online strategy, technology implementation, cybersecurity, market analysis and innovative ICT solutions.


Expert assistance in expanding your business globally, with market entry strategies, advice on cultural adaptation and customised solutions for international growth.

Our mission

Our ‘mission’ at Malta Business is to provide companies with comprehensive advisory services, enabling them to thrive in Malta’s dynamic business landscape and harness its potential to expand into global markets. We are committed to providing expert guidance, innovative solutions and personalised support to help our clients overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Our aim is to promote sustainable growth, ensuring that businesses can successfully establish, expand and innovate in Malta. We strive to be the trusted partner of businesses, ensuring that their success is at the forefront of our mission.

  • Expertise in different sectors
  • Comprehensive business consulting
  • Market Insights
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Access to financing and EU funds
  • Personalised approach

Our experience

Fund Services 90%
Business Services 87%
Licences consulting 75%
Internationalisation 70%

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