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Our consultancy service on public funding in Malta is distinguished by being much more than just a service; it is a partnership that combines expertise, strategic orientation and an in-depth knowledge of the Maltese business landscape.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between your projects and the financial resources needed to realise them. From the details of funding opportunities to the smooth management of he application process, the Malta Business-designed consultancy service is your navigator and ally in the complex world of Maltese public grants.

Whether you want to expand your entrepreneurial horizons, embrace cutting-edge technology or upgrade your professional skills, Malta Business is your gateway to turn these goals into reality.

Let’s start this partnership together. Discover how Malta Business can open new doors of opportunity in Malta.

Find out how public funding in Malta can transform your business. Explore the experts’ guide to accessing public funding in Malta.

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Services & Assistance

Our consultancy is more than just a service; we will be your partner in tackling the complex landscape of public funding in Malta.

Our tailor-made support services for your success:

  • Consulting: our team of expert partners offers in-depth consultations tailored to your specific business needs. We will help you understand the intricacies of the various public financing opportunities that exist in Malta.
  • Support: we are experienced in guiding clients through the application process. From paperwork to submission, Malta Business ensures that every step is handled with precision and expertise, increasing your chances of obtaining funding.
  • Post-approval assistance: obtaining public funding is only the beginning. Malta Business provides ongoing support to manage your funding effectively, aligning it with your strategic business objectives for maximum impact.
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Why Choose Malta Business


Leverage our deep understanding of EU frameworks and policies.

Tailored Support

We provide customized solutions to meet your specific project needs.

Proven Track Record

Our clients have successfully secured funding and implemented various EU projects.

Strategic Networking

We offer access to a valuable network of strategic partnerships.

FAQ: Learn more about our service

Malta Business offers customised consultancy to meet the specific business needs of its clients. Our team of experienced partners provides strategic guidance and in-depth assistance in understanding the various public financing opportunities available in Malta. This includes help in understanding the intricacies of different funding options and in managing the application process.

Malta Business has extensive experience in guiding clients through the entire application process for public funding. This includes assistance with paperwork, preparation and submission of applications. Our aim is to handle each step with precision and expertise to increase the chances of success in obtaining the necessary funding.

Obtaining funding is only the beginning of our commitment. Malta Business offers ongoing support even after funding has been approved. We are committed to managing the funds obtained effectively, aligning them with strategic business objectives to maximise the impact and success of financial initiatives.

Our fee model for consultancy services, proposed on this website, is structured to ensure transparency and alignment with your interests. Initially, a one-off fee is charged for the start-up of the consultancy activities. This initial fee covers the analysis of your specific needs, strategic planning and preparation of the financing path. Subsequently, once the financing is obtained, we charge a fee as a percentage of the financed amount. This approach ensures that our commitment is closely linked to the success of your project, with a remuneration model that reflects the actual value and outcome of our service.


Our mission is to assist clients in the creation, development and organisation of their business by using the potential of the MALTA BUSINESS Accelerator as a gateway to the future.