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The ‘Internationalisation’ service is a comprehensive process that supports companies in expanding their business globally. The service starts with an in-depth market analysis, which identifies the most promising international markets for your company.

Understanding cultural aspects is crucial, which is why we provide strategies to adapt your products and services in various cultural contexts.

Navigating the complex landscape of international trade laws and regulations is another critical aspect we address. We also facilitate global networking, helping you connect with partners and networks around the world.

Malta Business – expert strategies for global market expansion, cultural adaptation, legal guidance and comprehensive support for companies going international.

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Services & Assistance

The “Internationalisation” service page would focus on assisting businesses in expanding their operations globally. It would include:

  • Market Analysis: Detailed research on global markets suitable for your business.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Strategies for adapting products and services to different cultural contexts.
  • Legal and Regulatory Assistance: Guidance on international trade laws and regulations.
  • Global Networking: Connecting with international partners and networks.
  • Marketing Strategies: Developing global marketing campaigns.
  • Logistical Support: Assistance with logistics and supply chain management.

Overview of companies in Malta

Number of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malta from 2020 to 2022, by size.

In 2022, there were approximately 33,442 SMEs operating in Malta, with the vast majority of these (30,903) being micro-sized enterprises that employed between zero and nine people. Additionally, there were around 2,154 small businesses, which had between 10 and 49 employees, and 386 medium-sized businesses.of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Malta from 2020 to 2022, by size.

FAQ: Learn more about our service

For non-EU companies wishing to enter the European market, Malta is an ideal gateway. Its bureaucratic system is streamlined and makes it easier to do business. In addition, the business-friendly regulatory and tax framework provides a favourable environment for companies to establish and grow. This strategic position of Malta as a natural entry point into the European market, combined with the comprehensive support provided by Malta Business, creates an advantageous opportunity for non-EU companies.

Malta Business can guide you through the process of opening a branch in Malta and taking advantage of Malta’s favourable tax regime. This includes assistance with legal and regulatory compliance, understanding Malta’s tax incentives and strategic planning to maximise these benefits.

Malta stands out as an ideal hub for companies aiming for international expansion, mainly due to its extensive network of double taxation agreements with over 70 countries. These agreements significantly reduce the tax burden for companies operating in multiple countries, increasing Malta’s attractiveness as a base for international trade. Furthermore, Malta’s reputation for reliable business transactions, reinforced by these agreements, offers businesses a stable and advantageous environment for growth and global reach.

For companies targeting the North American market, particularly Canada, Malta Business provides customised strategies that take into account Canada’s unique economic and cultural landscape. Our services include an in-depth analysis of the Canadian market, understanding specific legal and regulatory requirements and identifying potential business opportunities and challenges. We also offer guidance in establishing strong business connections within Canada, tailoring products or services to local consumer preferences, and managing the logistical aspects of entering the Canadian market.

Malta Business takes advantage of Malta’s unique position as a European country and a member of the Commonwealth. This dual identity offers a strategic advantage for companies expanding into the Commonwealth market. Malta Business’ services include leveraging these connections for easier market entry, detailed market research and legal guidance tailored to the diverse Commonwealth landscape

Malta Business leverages on Malta’s strategic position in the Mediterranean and its cultural affinity with Arab countries to assist businesses expanding into the North African market. We offer insights into the region’s business landscape, considering Malta’s unique relationship with these countries. Our support includes insights into cultural practices, business etiquette and local market preferences, which are key to establishing strong business relationships in North Africa. This strategic approach is tailored to help businesses effectively bridge cultural gaps and navigate the specificities of the North African market.

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