The Malta Business Agency team provides Maltese companies with a range of integrated internationalization services. The model developed is based on the awareness that in today’s highly competitive economic environment, characterized by the free movement of goods, services, capital and resources at a global level, the internationalization of a company is no longer identified with export activities alone, but also involves collaboration with companies in other countries, the opening of commercial or production branches and other activities.

For this reason, a package of interventions has been prepared, ranging from the identification of areas and foreign markets in which to operate, to the definition of entry strategies, to the involvement of the entire company organization in carrying out operational activities related to internationalization.

Other activities include:

– Organization of trips and missions abroad

– Participation in conferences, trade fairs and events

– Research for the identification of new target markets and development of specific entry plans

– Design, development, production, duplication and printing of marketing material necessary to implement the plan to enter new markets

– Assistance in the design and development of packaging and product information for legal or regulatory purposes as required to position a product in the target market

– Translation of marketing materials from Maltese or English into other languages

– Search engine optimization (SEO) required to increase visibility in the target markets