The International Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme (ITPIS) aims to support Maltese companies that want to internationalize their business by participating in International tenders to expand their activities into new markets.

Eligible Undertakings

This incentive is open to undertakings whose purpose is to intensify their internationalisation activities with the aim of increasing their export activity. The different actions that can be supported are defined in the separate in Section 6 of these guidelines.

The beneficiary must be an undertaking registered as one of the following:
a. An undertaking incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta being
a partnership en nom collectif, en commandite or a limited liability company
b. Self-employed persons registered with Jobsplus
c. Co-operatives with the Co-operatives Board
d. The following table lists the indicative eligible economic sectors and activities and their respective NACE code:

Eligible Tenders

Tenders issued by nation states, EU, UN or other international bodies. The tender in question is subject
to approval by TradeMalta as part of the application process.

Eligible Costs

Reimbursement shall be awarded on the following costs:

i. Fees to purchase the tender specifications

ii. A one-time travel and per diem cost covering one representative (employee or director) of an eligible undertaking to attend a meeting which is considered as relevant to the implementation of the submission of the tender


Support under this Incentive Guidelines may only be awarded by TradeMalta. On being satisfied that an applicant fulfils the conditions set out in these Guidelines, TradeMalta will consider the value to be gained by the applicant from participating at the trade event, fair or mission and its potential impact on the growth of the Maltese economy.

Should TradeMalta consider the application favourably, an Incentive Entitlement Certificate (IEC) stating the approved grant amount, the eligible cost items and the applicable aid intensity is issued to the applicant. The IEC will be issued subject to terms and conditions that may be imposed by TradeMalta. The benefits entitled by such IEC may be revoked if the applicant fails to abide by such terms and conditions.

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