The International Trade Promotion Incentive Scheme (ITPIS) aims to support Maltese companies that want to internationalize their business, or that are already exporting and want to promote a product or service in a new market. Through the sharing of resources, undertakings forming part of a collaborative network can benefit from transfer of knowledge, shared capacity, improved business prospects and achieve higher competitiveness.

Eligible Undertakings

This incentive is open to undertakings whose purpose is to intensify their internationalisation activities with the aim of increasing their export activity. The different actions that can be supported are defined in the separate in Section 6 of these guidelines.

The beneficiary must be an undertaking registered as one of the following:
a. An undertaking incorporated under the Companies Act Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta being
a partnership en nom collectif, en commandite or a limited liability company
b. Self-employed persons registered with Jobsplus
c. Co-operatives with the Co-operatives Board
d. The following table lists the indicative eligible economic sectors and activities and their respective NACE code:

Eligible Projects

Support under this schedule may be awarded when at least three (3) independent undertakings, at least two (2) of which are SMEs, that work together on a new joint export project and submit an Export Business Development Plan covering at least twelve (12) months and which is endorsed by TradeMalta.

The cost related to the collaborative projects should be equally split between the participating undertakings. The aid shall be apportioned accordingly and accounted for in the individual take-up of the participating enterprises.

Eligible Costs

Reimbursement shall be awarded on the following costs:

i. Marketing Collateral for Products and Services: Design, development, production duplication and printing of marketing material required to implement the Export Business Development Plan.

ii. Packaging and Product Information: Design and development of packing and product information for legal or regulatory purposes, or to translate packaging and product information as required for placing product in a target market.

iii. Translation Services: Translation costs of the marketing material from Maltese or English into another language, as
specifically required to implement the Export Business Development Plan. Translation costs of websites and webpages for the purpose of attracting business from foreign markets are also eligible.

iv. Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) costs required to increase visibility in target markets and implementing the Export Business Development Plan.

v. Participation at International Events: Participation at conferences, fairs and similar events related to the undertaking’s activity.

vi. International Travel for Business Development Purposes: Travel Costs and Per Diem subsistence covering one (1) representative (employee or director) attending pre-determined business meetings outside of Malta in target markets as identified in the Export Business Development Plan.

vii. Business Meetings held in Malta: Travel cost incurred by the undertaking in holding a business meeting in Malta.

viii. International Business Development Partner: An eligible undertaking may be awarded support to cover costs associated with the engagement of an international business development partner to carry out a business development function on behalf of the undertaking in a specific region(s) or target market(s). The international business development manager must be engaged solely for the purpose of increasing the undertaking’s export turnover and must be based overseas.

viii. The cost of one (1) full-time Export Development Manager whose role should be to implement the joint marketing strategy and should be specifically indicated as the key role on the person’s employment contract. The contract should also include a direct reference to the other parties engaged in the project and should be valid for a period that is indicated in the approved Export Business Development Plan.

Reimbursement will be calculated on the net pay (excluding any other remuneration such as bonuses, overtime, allowances and benefits) and shall be capped at Euro 1,000 per month, which may be increased to Euro 1,500 if the employee has a minimum of 5 years’ experience in an international business development function. In the eventuality where the Export Development Manager is employed on a part-time basis, the maximum support shall be reduced proportionally to the hours
worked. The reimbursement of the costs related to the Export Development Manager is restricted to the first twelve (12) months of the engagement of the person.

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