VentureRocket Malta, an Israeli start-up ecosystem builder, focused on start-up scouting, financing and acceleration is set to be launched in Malta in the coming months.

The initiative will scout innovative start-ups and companies both locally and globally, plan their introduction to the Maltese ecosystem, aid them with Malta government grants and support plans, and together with Malta Enterprise, build a specific case by case growth plan for them.

VentureRocket is a part of Titanium Technologies Group that acts as a holistic start-up ecosystem management environment collaborating with governments, educational institutions, and innovative organisations.

The company’s new management team covers over 20 years of experience in leading and managing complex tech projects worldwide, with a strong team of tech and business specialists from Israel, Ukraine, Moldova, and Kazakhstan.

VentureRocket offers different acceleration services, including a digital environment and tools to manage the ecosystem of startups and investors and help startups execute their fundraising campaigns, global startup scouting and investor outreach activities, customised acceleration and incubation programs, and other dedicated services, according to the partners’ needs.

At VentureRocket, we see great potential in entering the Maltese market. Currently, it includes over 250 tech startups from different industries, and due to Malta’s great strategic location, strong human capital opportunities, and a friendly lifestyle, it creates favourable conditions for startup scouting and finding great investment opportunities in the region,” – shared Asaf Yosifov, the CEO at VentureRocket.

The investment is being supported by the country’s key contact point for startups – Malta Enterprise – with an aim of further synergising the local start-up ecosystem.

Over the last months Malta Enterprise has launched a number of incentives for start-ups and an enablement and visibility campaign built around the portal