The objective of the Exploring Research Grant is to support business in planning better their R&D initiatives. Through this measure, Malta Enterprise aims to encourage businesses to think strategically, consider the market disruptions the research results could lead to and look beyond the organisation for strategic collaborations.

The support will help the beneficiary:

a) review the current scientific or technical knowledge in the area of research;

b) conduct searches to identify research partners, existing Intellectual Property and knowledge that could support the R&D activity;

c) establish the resources required, risks and potential return on investment of the envisage R&D project.

Eligible subjects

Malta Enterprise can accept applications submitted by limited liability companies, partnerships and cooperatives. You must ensure that you do not have any dues related to VAT, Income Tax, and Social Security which are older than twelve (12) months as your application will be kept on hold until you confirm a repayment agreement with the respective departments has been reached and is being honoured.

Your application will not be considered eligible if the applicant:

a) is any undertaking whose activities are listed down in the General Block Exemption Regulation [where applicable]

b) Is an Undertaking in Difficulty, unless the undertaking was not in difficulty on 31 December 2019 but became an ‘undertaking in difficulty’ in the period from 1 January 2020 to 30 June 2021

c) Is a Research and knowledge-dissemination organisation

d) Is a Public Entity, such as Ministries, Departments, Entities, Authorities, Commissions, Foundations and similar organisations that carry out a public or regulatory function which does not involve the carrying out of an economic activity in direct competition with third parties

e) Any undertaking which is subject to an outstanding recovery order following a previous Commission decision declaring an aid granted by Malta illegal and incompatible with the internal market.

The maximun support

Malta Enterprise may support the implementation of a feasibility study with a cash grant of up to €50,000 which shall be capped at:

a) 50% of eligible costs if the beneficiary is a Large Undertaking;

b) 60% of eligible costs if the beneficiary is a Medium-Sized Undertaking;

c) 70% of eligible costs if the beneficiary is a Small Undertaking.

By when

Applications must be submitted at least eight (8) weeks before the commencement of the feasibility study (i.e. prior to the ‘start of works’). This will ensure that the Corporation has adequate time to process the application prior to the commencement of the study.

Applications may be submitted at any time between 1st March 2021 and 31st October 2023, yet the Corporation may suspend applications if the budget allocated to the scheme in a specific year has been allocated.

For assistance in submitting your application, contact the Malta Business Agency team by filling out the form below.