It is online on the portal Funding & Tenders Opportunities the call “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” (EYE), under the Single Market Programme (SMP COSME).

EYE is the program, managed by the European Innovation Council and the SME Executive Agency, aimed at facilitating the cross-border exchange of knowledge and experience between SMEs, encouraging the meeting between new aspiring businesses and experienced companies to promote European competitiveness.

The total budget available is 40 million euros, more than half of which will be earmarked for the financial support of third parties (FSTPs, i.e., new entrepreneurs). The funds will be distributed over two types of projects:

Type 1: large-scale projects, for funding between €2 million and €4 million each and aimed at proposing at least 800 new business relationships
Type 2: small-scale projects, for a maximum of 2 million euros in contributions each and aimed at creating at least 400 matching opportunities.

The funded projects will have to provide support to new entrepreneurs with the help of experienced staff, encourage the exchange of information, ideas and networking between participants from different Member States, in order to promote the ecological, digital and competitive transition of the EU.

Public and private entities located in an EU Member State or in one of the countries associated with the SMP, as well as international organizations, may participate in a consortium composed of at least six members from four different states (for a maximum of ten participants), half of whom have more than five years of experience in EYE implementation, including the lead partner.

The deadline for submitting proposals is June 8, 2022.

To participate in the call “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” rely on the advice of the Malta Business Agency team. Request information through the following form.