Part of MDIA’s budget has been earmarked for the creation of support measures for the further diffusion of innovative technology arrangements within the public and private sector in order to increase efficiency, transparency and citizen engagement.

The overall objective of the MDIA AI Applied Research Grant is to support capacity-building efforts related to Artificial Intelligence research in Malta. Specifically, this Grant aims to encourage:

  • Increased capacity for AI-related research in Malta;
  • Increased investment in AI-related R&D activities;
  • Increased adoption of AI technologies by the public and private sectors;
  • Increased collaboration between academia and commercial entities.

Indeed, the AI Applied Research Fund is in line with the AI Strategy Implementation and Governance. In terms of rationale and scope, this Grant is aligned with several of the goals of the Malta AI Strategy including:

  • Building awareness of AI and its potential benefits for society;
  • Stimulating R&D through AI-related activities;
  • Fostering a culture of collaboration between research institutions and industry;
  • Demonstrating the potential benefits of AI applications to both the public and private sectors.

In addition, this Grant aims to advance progress related to a number of Actions within the Malta AI Strategy. Therefore, priority in the distribution of funds will be given to concrete proposals that aim to implement artificial intelligence in the following areas:

– Traffic Management
– Education
– Healthcare
– Customer service
– Tourism
– Public Services Improvement

The closing date for the submission of proposals is 31st March 2022. The Grant will close upon total exhaustion of funds or at the discretion of the MDIA, whichever is the earlier.

To participate in the call request support from our consulting team by filling out the form below.