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Rasciesa srl
June 2022
Web Design, Web Development, Social media manager
Project Overview:

For Rasciesa Srl, a well-established company in the field of integrated services and facility management, Malta Business undertook the project to redesign and manage a comprehensive web presence.

The initiative was aimed at creating a digital platform that would not only serve as an information hub on Rasciesa Srl’s services, which include environmental sanitation, hotel services and facility management, but also as a key tool for customer engagement and communication.

The project embraced a broad spectrum of digital strategies to ensure a consistent and effective online representation of Rasciesa Srl’s commitment to service quality and environmental responsibility.


Malta Business’ primary objective in this project was to create a digital platform for Rasciesa Srl that effectively showcased its wide range of services, including office cleaning, environmental sanitation and facilities management.

The aim was to develop a website that was not only informative but also engaging, reflecting Rasciesa Srl’s commitment to quality and environmental awareness.

Additionally, a crucial objective was to establish a strong social media presence, designed to enhance the visibility of the Rasciesa Srl brand and foster meaningful interactions with customers and the community at large.

Website development:

  • Creating a professional and navigable website.
  • Ensuring that the site is informative and reflects the ethos of Rasciesa Srl.

Content creation and management:

  • Developing SEO-optimised content to improve online visibility.
  • Regular content updates to keep the audience engaged and informed.

Social Media Marketing:

  • Crafting a social media strategy to enhance brand presence and audience interaction.
  • Regular updates and engagement tactics to build a strong online community.

Performance Monitoring:

  • Tracking website and social media analytics for continuous optimization.

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