OPIT - Open Institute of Technology

Shield Higher Education Ltd
MARCH 2023
Accreditation process for obtaining a licence from MFHEA

Malta Business provided specialised consultancy services for the successful acquisition of the educational licence issued to OPIT by the MFHEA Authority. Our comprehensive support and strategic guidance spanned several key areas, including:

  • Strategic consultancy for the setting up of the Higher Education Institute: we offered strategic advice and insights to facilitate the establishment of a prestigious educational institute in Malta. Our expertise guided OPIT through the critical initial stages of planning and implementation.
  • Company formation assistance: through partners authorised by MFSA, Malta Business played a key role in assisting the incorporation of the educational institution’s corporate entity, ensuring that all legal and administrative requirements were met efficiently and effectively.
  • Quality assurance procedures: we meticulously designed and implemented quality assurance procedures to ensure that the training programmes and services offered by OPIT met the highest industry standards and complied with regulatory requirements.
  • Review and improvement of educational programmes: our team conducted a comprehensive review of educational programmes, refining them to align with MFHEA guidelines and best practices, supporting programme compliance activities for accreditation purposes.
  • Contract development: we drafted comprehensive contracts for both teachers and students, guaranteeing clear terms and conditions that safeguard the interests of all parties involved.
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy: Malta Business diligently drafted the institution’s terms and conditions as well as a robust privacy policy that met legal standards and ensured data protection for all parties involved.

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