Ceta Business Network

Ceta Business Network
MARCH 2023
Web Design, Web Development, Platform B2B, Marketing
Project Overview

Malta Business played a key role in the development of the ‘CETA Business Network’ platform. This platform was designed to facilitate social matching, allowing participants to easily connect and interact. Amongst the services provided, Malta Business managed the technological aspect of the platform, ensuring efficient and user-friendly networking features.

Malta Business was engaged in the development and ongoing management of the https://www.cetabusiness.network platform. This project required a focused approach to create a professional online presence for networking and business collaboration.


The primary objective was to create a platform that would serve as a hub for professionals and entrepreneurs. The need was for a site that was not only informative, but also encouraged professional interaction and networking, optimised for search engines to maximise visibility.

We provided support for profile creation and messaging between users, graphic layout and development of the different modules, increasing opportunities for business collaboration between the EU and Canada.

Design and development of the website:

  • Development of a user-friendly and visually appropriate interface.
  • Implemented a responsive design for compatibility with various devices.
  • Integrated clear navigation to enhance the overall user experience.

Content development and management:

  • Creating content that reflects the MACTT’s educational objective and mission.
  • Optimisation of content for search engines using relevant keywords to improve online visibility.

Technical SEO and analysis:

  • Application of technical SEO strategies to increase visibility in organic search.
  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of website performance to improve it.

Regular maintenance and updates:

  • Regular updating of the website with updated content and new features.
  • Constant technical maintenance to ensure uninterrupted functionality.

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