Ceta Business Forum

Ceta Business Forum
JUNE 22-23, 2022
Web Design, Web Development, Platform B2B, Video Editing, Marketing

Malta Business provided, for the first edition 2022, services focused on facilitating effective virtual conferencing. Services included technical organisation to support the online conference platform, management of participant registration and support, promotion of the event through digital channels, and support in the creation of content and presentation materials.

In addition, Malta Business offered assistance in coordinating interactive sessions and facilitating virtual networking opportunities, as well as managing relationships with sponsors, partners and speakers. These activities were crucial in ensuring the success of the international online conference.

Website design and development:

  • Creating a professional and navigable website.
  • Ensuring functionality on various devices and browsers.

Content management:

  • Curating content to reflect forum goals and audience engagement.
  • Implementation of SEO strategies to improve discoverability and online reach.

Continuous management:

  • Regular updating of the platform with relevant information and functionality.
  • Monitoring and optimising the website for continuous performance improvement.

Event promotion and communication:

  • Development of a targeted marketing strategy to promote the event and platform.
  • Facilitation of communication channels between participants and sponsors to improve networking opportunities and engagement.

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