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If you are a business consultant, a professional or an entrepreneur, choosing to join one of the proposed plans, you can immediately start to provide your customers with all the services that our brand offers on the market, and in particular:

  • Constitution of Holding and Trading of Maltese Law;
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Tax and commercial planning;
  • Trust services;
  • Establishment of trusts and foundations;
  • Internationalization services;
  • Logo and Web design realization;
  • Web hosting services, VPS, data centers;
  • VOIP communication services, geographic numbering, PBX switchboard;
  • Complete management of pleasure yachts and aircraft;
  • IGaming commercial, financial, banking and insurance licenses (through accredited professionals).

In addition to many other services that may be useful to your clients to improve their income capacity.

Now you can become a partner credited MALTA BUSINESS (EU trademark) and open a licensed agency, to provide our services to your customers and increase revenue in your profession or business, acquiring new customers.

Joining is easy and does not involve particular requirements, if not the moral and professional, as well as a possible small investment that can be chosen by you.

Moral Requirements100%
Professional requirements70%
Economic requirements50%
Office availability30%
Knowledge of languages20%

Choose your membership plan

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Each membership plan provides for the signing of a partnership contract, with which specific agreements are established for the following points:

  • Confidentiality and customer privacy
  • Non competition agreement
  • Possible exclusive of the area
  • End customer management

Only with our NETWORK will you have the guarantee that the final customer, as well as being satisfied, will be coordinated and managed by you, without fear of being bypassed and / or replaced.

Today you can access the MALTA BUSINESS world with extreme simplicity, professionalism and safety.

If you have any doubts and want to ask for information, fill in and send the following form

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