Accreditation Universities and institutions

Thanks to our ten-years knowledge of the sector in Malta, we are able to guide and accredit any business project about training, until the obtaining of the accreditation at NFCHE of Malta ( Maltese control authority).

All the Maltese instruction institutions interested in offering studying programs accredited to Qualification Framework Malta (MQF) must present their future programs to NCFHE for accreditation.

Malta educational hub

The Maltese Government has decided to encourage the development and implementation of higher education programs, through research, effective licensing procedures, clear and transparent accreditation procedures, control activities and quality assurance and recognition of qualifications of institutions within the framework of Malta’s qualifications framework.

These activities have been delegated to NCFHE, which is an affiliated member of EN QA, the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. The NCFHE Qualifications Recognition Information Center (QRIC) is also part of the European Network of Information Centers in the European Region (ENIC) and of the National Recognition Information Centers in the European Union (NARIC).

E-Learning in Malta

The National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE), in March 2017, introduced the guidelines and new provider and accreditation application forms that are also addressed to the accreditation of online programs/courses and programs/courses that include elements of blended learning.

The minimum number of total hours of learning to accredit a course is currently 25 hours. Of these, at least 20 percent (5 hours for each CFU) must be referred to contact hours or established from time to time by the NCFHE, according to the type of submissive course for the approval.

Our dedicated consultants will be able to help you to accredit your training programs until obtaining the license, developing the contents in compliance with the Maltese regulations in force.

Support services

In collaboration with highly professional designers and with positive previous experiences, we are able to offer you a complete package of services for the realization of your training project, up to accreditation at the NFCHE in Malta, and in particular:

  • Corporate constitution and setup, depending on the degree of privacy required;
  • Manual quality editing;
  • Analysis and verification of the training program;
  • Completing procedures and accompanying accreditation;
  • Selection of teaching and non-teaching staff;
  • Assistance and implementation of IT facilities for E-Learning / webinar;
  • CRM / ERP management development, WEB platform, email management, domain registrations;
  • Use of our White label platform.