Why Malta?

Malta is one of the fastest growing information and communication markets in Europe. In just a few years, the ICT and Blockchain sectors in Malta have had a positive trend.

Thanks to the new laws in force since 1 November 2018 Malta has become the “Blockchain Island” and represents the right and most suitable choice for the development of projects in the ICT sector based also on decentralized technologies such as blockchain.

Digital Game & Blockchain

Malta is fast becoming a hub for Games Industry & Blockchain Digital.

The Maltese government has developed a strategic policy for the digital gaming sector that focuses on the ability to attract this industry, creating a legal legal framework, and fiscal-financial incentives and a series of professional courses in order to guarantee companies in the sector find the specialized workforce necessary for recruitment.

Today it is possible to certify their technology platform based on decentralized data exchange, presenting a specific application from the relevant MDIA Control Authority.


The incentives and schemes available for the digital industry are as follows:

  • tax credit for expenses incurred for the acquisition or development of tangible and intangible assets;
  • funding for new digital start-up applications and companies engaged in new markets, new technologies, innovative products or services that demonstrate a potential for job creation;
  • tax credit for research and development of projects related to the digital game;
  • co-financing of employee salaries, leasing of equipment and services in the case of SMEs;
  • co-financing up to 50% of the costs incurred for the development of the market to encourage investments in more international companies, digital gaming.

The advantages granted to companies in the digital gaming sector are added to those recognized by professionals working with these companies. The most important is a flat-rate tax with a 15 percent income tax rate.


Our TEAM is able to support your ICT project, also based on decentralized technologies such as blockchain, in all stages of development, from finding the workforce, to the most suitable choice of location, as well as planning in the best possible way the technical, financial and fiscal activities.

OOur professional network allows the entrepreneur who decides to invest in Malta, to identify the right suppliers and professionals, to create and develop their business project. We also assist companies in the development phase of their sales network and participation in European projects.

We are able to accompany your business idea in all phases of certification at the MDIA (Malta Digital Innovation Authority), helping you choose the best System Auditor, Technical Administrator and if necessary your Resident Agent.