Analysis and evaluation

Together with our consultants, we will start the analysis of the project idea, starting from verifying the strengths and weaknesses of your ICO project.

We will evaluate and study with you the consistency between your product or service and the reference market.

At the outcome of the results, also depending on the degree of privacy that you want to obtain, we will recommend the most suitable corporate scheme for your business, defining company type, company name, copyright protection, tax aspects and other elements necessary for the establishment.


White Paper is a fundamental component of an Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), which summarizes the contents and characteristics of your business project (ICO). The drafting of this document allows you to analyze the basic steps to launch and give guidance on how to evaluate the feasibility of your idea.

A whitepaper is essentially a statement that clearly outlines the technical aspects of the product, the problems it intends to solve, as will be dealt with, a description of the team and a description of the token generation and the distribution strategy. We will analyze critical success factors and then submit the ICO to the MFSA test.

ICO Marketing Strategy

Switching from idea to implementation is difficult. Our team can help you create a detailed road map that supports time for your product or idea. We create marketing strategies for ICO built around a solid plan to help you maximize your resources.

Our team is able to create awareness and recognition of the brand through effective strategies to ensure that your business stands out in an increasingly crowded market. We focus on social and paid social media placement as well as tracker exposure such as Reddit, Steemit, Bitcointalk and other platforms.

Choice of the VFA Agent

We will assist you in choosing the VFA agent that best suits your needs for obtaining a VFO license for your ICO.

The Virtual Financial Assets Act (VFA Act) requires an issuer of Virtual Financial Assets (VFA) to appoint a VFA agent to assist, monitor and provide guidance throughout the licensing process, including during the license maintenance phase.

The VFA agent will have to apply for the VFA license on behalf of the issuer. The VFA agent, who must be authorized by the competent authority to act as such, is also required to act as legal supervisor on the issuer to ensure its legal compliance and to act as a link between the issuer and the competent authority (in this case the financial services authority of Malta).