Based on the specific needs of the customer and defined the areas of intervention, we proceed to monitor the most appropriate European funding lines, submitting from time to time the opportunity to participate.

This is the most important activity to carry out, in order to concretely identify the European call dedicated to customer expectations, in order to avoid unnecessary and costly activities, which often discourage participation.

We will then evaluate the actual strategic and financial eligibility of the proposing subject, identifying the technical-financial criticalities, in order to find the most suitable project partner.


Access to EU funding starts from the formulation of a first project idea, which can arise from very different types of evaluations. The definition of a good design idea is of fundamental importance for the subsequent development of the project. It also requires a series of important preliminary activities, including:

  • the “logical framework” – (logical framework);
  • Logical structure of the intervention;
  • Completion of the logical framework
  • Analysis of the sources of verification

Our TEAM of consultants will analyse the project idea with care and professionalism, building together with the proponent a virtuous path that will allow to concretely evaluating the feasibility of the project itself.


Certainly today, “networking” is no longer a simple benefit, but in many professional fields, it has become the only way to pursue ambitious objectives while maintaining high standards of excellence and competitiveness.

We will work on building both horizontal and vertical partnerships, both homogeneous and heterogeneous, integrating to your network contacts with public and private institutions, universities, large companies, SMEs and Maltese, European and international associations, in order to strengthen the provisions of the call for proposals which one intends to participate.


In collaboration with highly professional designers and with positive previous experiences, we will provide for the strategic-financial development of the project dossier, the construction of the project matrices, the development of the GANTT, the drafting of the design budget and then defining the project’s candidacy.

Preparing and presenting a European project requires specific skills, knowledge of European policies, ability to coordinate complex work groups especially at international level, consolidated relationships in the various European countries and inclusion in specific networks.

All features that the MALTA BUSINESS network has acquired over the years.