Analysis and evaluation

Together with our consultants, we will start the e-commerce project analysis, starting from verifying the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

We will evaluate and study with you the coherence between your product or service and the reference market, as well as all the legislative requirements provided in Malta for the exercise of this activity.

At the outcome of the results, also depending on the degree of privacy that you want to obtain, we will recommend the most suitable corporate scheme for your business, defining company type, company name, copyright protection and other elements necessary for the establishment.

Open Online Assistance

Our team specialized in the electronic commerce sector will be able to be advised in the start-up phase of the activity, including the opening of bank accounts, POS payment systems, management and forecasting accounts, permits for specific activities, franchise and advice on intellectual property as well as tax advice.

Important will be the verification of all web content and the provisions contained in the respective Maltese laws for electronic commerce, consumer protection, privacy and terms and conditions of sale.

If necessary, our network of partners will be able to satisfy your specific needs, from the creation of the web site to the transport of goods. Nothing is impossible in Malta for Malta Business.


Malta Business will assist you in creating efficient tax corporate structures including the formation and administration of a Trading Company that enjoys a potential reduction in the corporate tax rate.

  • E-commerce operations can take the form of Maltese ITCs (onshore European registered VAT company).
  • Normal rate of income tax produced around the world is at 35% with a 6/7 tax refund option.
  • A trading company with non-resident shareholders enjoys tax rebates.
  • Favourable double taxation agreements with many key countries.
  • Accelerator for incorporations (24-hour service).
  • Complete online payment solutions with current account and IBAN.


Our staff, thanks to the skills acquired and the collaboration with various players in the market is able to offer a wide range of services dedicated to the commercial development of the business, in particular:

  • Intermediation between demand and supply of innovation
  • Internationalization
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Personal selection
  • Corporate lay-out construction and web site
  • Marketing services – web marketing – SEO
  • Social marketing management and API connection
  • Dedicated APP development